Canoe Adventures

Phuket kayak, canoe trips and seakayaking in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

        To let you rock by the sound of paddlers. Go through narrow tunnels, so narrow that you have to lay down in your canoe with only the beam op your flash light to guide you. There, where nature and wildlife are only one, you cannot be insensitive and feel to respect this ecosystem so surprising.

        Phuket Andaman Travel is there, to share with you its knowledge of the religion to help you to discover this mini paradise.

Passion and discover guaranty... Let's rock with the file water with Phuket Andaman Travel...

canoe"This is now one of the most popular day tours out of Phuket, and with good reason, there is no better way to appreciate the interior world of strange geographic formations, flora and fauna of Phang Nga Bay than to paddle quietly through its caves and lagoons by inflatable canoe."

        Phuket Andaman Travel Canoe invites you to share the secrets of Phang Nga Bay with a good and quiet approach and appreciation of nature without damaging the environment. We guarantee full satisfaction and safety, great day for everyone.

        Phang Nga Bay National Park, set in the Andaman Sea northeast of Phuket embodies some of the world’s scenic wonders. Its renowned for its amazing limestone "sea mountains" that rise from the ocean as vertical walls, some of them reaching 300 meters.

canoeThese islands are full of hidden caves and inland lagoons known as "hongs" (rooms) that are only accessible at certain time of the day when the tide is convenient.

        You drift through fascinating caverns, wonderful stalactites, result of calcite dripping over many thousands of years. The dark passage and the silence on the water create an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Emerging from the cave into an inner lagoon, this unspoiled place is open to the sky and as we gently paddle around with vegetation, birds singing and insects whining, we maintain silence and just look and listen…this is undisturbed nature.

        A delicious Thai buffet lunch served on board will complete this wonderful day.

        On the way back, we stop on a beautiful and quiet beach to enjoy swimming, paddling the canoes or simply relaxing.

        Please, beware of cheap operators as you only get what you pay for: inferior service, poor information and unsafe canoes will spoil your enjoyment.

Every day with English speaking guide

  • With French speaking guide on Mondays and Fridays.
  • With German speaking guide on Sundays and Wednesdays

Program Itinerary

09:00 Hrs.: Pick up from hotel and transfer to pier at Leam Mapraw
09:00 Hrs.:

Depart for Phang Nga Bay

  • Visit & explore caves at Koh Phanak.
  • Visit & explore caves at Koh Hong.
  • Lunch on board, a delicious Thai buffet.
  • Stop for relaxation, swimming & self paddling on a private island.
  • Fruits, soft drinks & coffee, served on board.
16:30 Hrs.: Return to the pier and transfer back to your hotel


  • Guide, Hotel transfers,
  • Big local boat trip with full canoe equipment,
  • On board: soft drinks, water, ice and fresh fruits all day long,
  • Lunch: meal, soft drinks, water, coffee and tea

Phawadee Thai Travel is licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and is fully insured.